Suggested equipment list

For those who have bought a pup from us:

To pick up your Schnauzer puppy:

  • collar & lead (don’t expect them to walk on a lead, this is purely for safety)
  • car harness (or crate)

From Day 1:

  • food bowls – think stable, solid
  • water bowls – again stable & deep to help keep it cool you may want to have food/ water bowls off the ground in stands which is what we do (metal tripod stands)
  • beds
  • crate
  • toys
  • food – Prime loaf, Blackhawk biscuits, homemade chicken/turkey mince with mashed pumpkin/ sweet potato
  • healthy treats eg cooked chicken breast

Focus on training yourself and your family how to work with this Schnauzer pup to support them in continuing their growth into a healthy, strong, happy, well-adjusted dog 🙂

Start working on:

  • a dog door
  • who you’ll use for training support
  • worming/ parasite plan
  • next vaccination date
  • socialisation plan
  • grooming tools
  • registering your Schnauzer with your local Council (needs to happen by 12 weeks of age).