1. There are two main categories of worms you need to be aware of – intestinal worms & heartworm. Most “allwormer” products cover the four most common intestinal worms, namely whipworm, roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm. Do check the product you are considering for pups over 12 weeks covers at least all four of these.
  2. The standard schedule for intestinal worming is
    • 2 – 12 week old puppies: Liquid wormer every 2 weeks.
    • 12 weeks – 6 months of age: Worming tablet every 4 weeks.
    • 6+ months: Worming tablet every 3 months.
  3. Heartworm – do your own research/ talk to your vet about options for this. Some options are:
    1. Vet injection @ 12wks then boosted @ 6 months, then annually or
    2. Liquid ivermectin (by bodyweight)
    3. Some ‘allwormer’ products (eg Milbemax) that are given 3 monthly for intestinal worms also cover heartworm if given monthly. (Consider the pros & cons of the coverage vs the toxic load.)