I’m Ros, an owner of Standard Schnauzers for over 22 years and a registered breeder of Standard Schnauzers in Perth WA. My DogsWest breeder prefix is Augapfel, meaning “Apple of my eye”

In case you are new to the breed, I’m referring to a Standard Schnauzer like my girl Nina in these photos. A good starting point to learn more about this amazing 500 year old breed can be found on wikipedia.

In 2018 and 2019 my bitch Nina won a string of titles in the national Schnauzer show in Victoria and the Melbourne Royal Show making her a standout Schnauzer in Australia. She is not only an excellent technical example of the breed but also a delightful personality and has inspired me to want more families to have the privilege of being partnered with a Schnauzer. My passion is to make Schnauzers available to suitable families in WA at affordable prices through ethical breeding of the best dogs and bitches.

Though Nina has now had her last litter (Nina whelped only twice) and is in graceful retirement in our home, her line is being continued through her offspring.