Water & shade

Perth being what it is, we make sure our schnauzers always have a good supply of water on hand. We have three drinking bowls for the dogs that are always fresh, one inside the house and two outside in the shade. This might seem excessive but of all the things your dog needs to live, fresh water is number one and on a hot day it’s absolutely critical. More than one bowl allows for puppy-play spillage or contamination by bees or birds and reduces the risk for your dog.

Studies have shown that dogs will generally drink up to twice as much water when it is cool and is in a shady place compared with water that heats up in the sun when located in an outside yard.

A large ceramic bowl which cannot be tipped over but provides insulation against heating helps keep the water cool by having a greater volume and depth. Avoid providing water in small shallow plastic dishes that heat up very quickly and can easily be tipped over.

Another option, if you have an appropriately shaded outdoor location, is getting an automatic watering bowl that attaches to your garden hose. This ensures an ongoing supply of fresh water.

Do make sure your dog always has access to shade from the sun, protection from rain and the ability to move between areas to warm up/ cool down as required.