Crate Training

I find crates invaluable both in training and management of Schnauzers however, they must only be used under supervision. Do not under any circumstance leave a dog unattended in a crate (for example, when you leave the house). The point is that it contains them and they may hurt themselves if they get desperate to escape (or destroy the crate if it’s not metal).

I use both metal crates and portable soft (? canvas) ones. The metal one has better air flow and is obviously more durable. The soft one is wonderful for taking with us when we need to take the dogs elsewhere and contain/ protect them.  

Be relaxed about it, make the crate a wonderful, calm, inviting place for your Schnauzer – think of it like their den. It’s a natural thing for a dog to want to retreat into such a space, managed correctly. You can get crate covers or make one yourself either ‘properly’ or with towels/ sheets. Just be mindful of airflow – once you cover a crate the dog may overheat so do be careful.

Having a special toy that they get given in the crate, or a special edible treat will also be useful in making a positive association. Don’t put them in there as punishment or you’ll find they, not surprisingly, won’t be interested in using it!  We feed our younger dog in her crate and she’s very excited about it as a space to hang out in 🙂

There’s lots of information online about crate training that you can check out at your leisure.

For those who have bought a pup from us:

Your puppy comes to you crate trained… almost!  Far from a punishment, being in the crate is safe space for them.  I recommend you continue this training and support them in continuing to spend time in their crate (every day for at least half an hour).  It’s a great way to keep them out of harm’s way when you have a crowded house, people who are uncomfortable with pups/ dogs, tradespeople leaving doors open, home opens, or visiting children who may not be dog-wise.

I suggest you have a metal one on hand as soon as you take possession of your puppy as I have already got them familiar with crates.  Of course your environment will be different but the concept won’t be new to them.  Once they’re through the chewing stage it’ll be worth your while investing in a soft one also.  They’re very inexpensive – $50 – $75.