Precious Pup Program

For selected families we offer the best puppies in the litter at a reduced price, and even for free. Sound too good to be true?

If you qualify for the Precious Pup Program you will be rewarded with owning a beautiful Schnauzer from an enviable lineage at a reduced price and contribute to making this extraordinary breed more accessible in WA. The further bonus is that, down the track, you may also have your purchase price partially or completely refunded if they are selected to breed and do so successfully.

In our litters we identify the Schnauzer puppies that we think may be suited for the Precious Pup Program. On such occasions we seek suitably qualified homes for our puppy prospects to live. Until the puppy is 18 months to 2 years old we will be unsure that she has the temperament, intelligence or conformation (‘look’) to add to the family tree of ‘true to type’ Schnauzers.

After decades of standard schnauzers being in short supply in WA, we are undertaking the ethical and sustainable breeding of the best standard schnauzers; best means not only ‘looks’, but also in terms of temperament. We focus on producing dogs that are companionable, robust, athletic, and as well as being excellent guard dogs, protective of their family and safe with children.

Unlike standard kennels, we keep our dogs in our home with us and believe Schnauzers are best suited to being with their families for as much of life as possible. It’s better for the dogs to be with people rather than living a life in a kennel or run. Consequently we have developed the Precious Pup Program such that we can work towards our goal of increasing the number of Schnauzers available in Perth, whilst not compromising the quality of life of the breeding dogs.

Being in the Precious Pup Program means you get an extra level of support from us, beyond what we give all our puppy owners. As well as being a phone call away 24/7, we also assist you with things like teaching you how to maintain your dog’s coat and providing you subsidised grooming services if you desire additional support.

The catch is this program is only for selected pups and selected families and it’s not for everyone. But we encourage you to ask and find out more.

If you qualify for the program and we accept you, we go through the written terms together carefully to make sure you understand the nature of the commitment (it’s easier than you think) and both of our rights and responsibilities. One way to look at it is we are trusting you with something precious to us, and we will be doing our best to have you succeed in Schnauzer ownership.

If you’re interested in the Precious Pup Program, please use Puppy enquires to connect with us and we’ll call to talk to you in person.