Getting a Schnauzer Pup

Standard schnauzer litter of puppies

Our passion is to breed the best Standard Schnauzer pups we can and place them with the best dog owners in loving homes.

Why buy a Standard Schnauzer Puppy from us

Buying a pedigree pup from a registered breeder is buying peace of mind. Our pups have a 500 year family tree that goes back before records have been kept! Your ANKC (DogsWest) certificate of pedigree is a guarantee that we and the breeders that have gone before us have done our best to bring you the healthiest and most perfect standard schnauzer pup to be a part of your family. Your choice of a standard schnauzer means that you you are already choosing a breed with few (if any) known genetic issues, the benefit of 100s of years of selecting the healthiest, strongest and most intelligent of dogs in their line. Compared to many other breeds, you can rest easy that your pup is looking forward to a long healthy life.

We help you in matching a pup to your family and circumstance. There are differences between boys and girls, and each pup has their own quirky personality we have come to learn from the moment they are born into our hands. For the first few weeks of life, we spend 24 hours a day caring, observing and nurturing them and their mum. And that’s before the challenge of a room full of exuberant puppies starts!

When you buy a pup from me you may also consider to apply for our Precious Pup Program (PPP). The Precious Pup Program is only available for suitable families and for selected pups, and it is the opportunity to own a pup at a lower cost and even for free. More details can be found on the page Precious Pup Program.

Your pups’s heritage starts with our Australian Champion Nina who was awarded a string of titles including best Schauzer overall in a national competition one year and best girl Schnauzer in the same show the following year. When it’s time to breed, we select suitable champion mates for her offspring from elsewhere in Australia (soon to be from overseas) to ensure there is no ‘line breeding’. You can read more about line breeding on the mini schnauzer site page line breeding (thanks Meg for this valuable info) and learn why we don’t support or condone it.

If you are interested in starting the application process or even just want more information, feel free to contact me here.