Bedding is a personal choice in which aesthetics may play a part but there are also comfort requirements for the Schnauzer. I would strongly suggest at least one bed that’s elevated off the floor/ ground as it allows for air movement in summer and keeps them off what can be cold floors in winter.

I don’t recommend beds with rigid sides, Schnauzers like dropping their heads (& sometimes half their bodies) off the front/ back/ sides of the bed so it’s good for it to be accessible from all sides. Also, rigid sides tend to get chewed 🙂

Our tried and tested bed rundown is as follows (note, we don’t get paid to recommend products, these are genuine recommendations from experience with many, many beds):

Bed 1: Kuranda Chew Proof Dog Bed 

Unbelievably good. Indestructible. Had it for 7 years now. Amazing and well worth the money 😁 (Although I learnt the hard way to not high pressure clean it as I’ve marked the fabric now ie only damage has been done by me!!)

You can find it at:

I have a piece of vet bed (otherwise known as ‘dry bed’) on top of it which, for those who have bought a pup from us, is what the Schnauzer babies are used to sleeping with and what you were given a piece of when you took your pup home. It’s super cosy and draws any fluids away from the body so it stays dry to lie on. Very handy!  I bought this from Pet Network, and it’s fabulous 🙂 Lilcraka are another supplier. If you’re keen to buy more it’s worth noting that the non-backed one is easier to wash/ quicker to dry and is the only one I use and have tried. Feel free to experiment ‘tho and let me know what you discover 🙂

You can buy cheaper elevated beds like the kennel breeders use which have hessian stretched between a metal frame with thin metal legs. These are ok, I used them for a while, but they’re diabolical on toes & some Schnauzers are inclined to eat the hessian (!!)  There are also other versions with other materials stretched between metal legs.  All I can say is I’ve tried many of them and the Kuranda is in a class of its own.

Bed 2: Purina Petlife Lounger 

‘Banana’ shape, cover machine washable, a grown up Schnauzer can stretch right out, they love it!!  Perfect for dropping heads/ shoulders/ half the body of any side.  Not chew proof so we don’t leave them unfettered access to it but it’s in the dining area for them to enjoy when they’re with us 🙂

The official descriptor:  “The Purina PetLife Lounger combines durable design with comfort. Waterproof nylon and reinforced stitches make it resistant to tearing and chewing, while internal comfort chambers ensure warmth and a high comfort-factor. The fabric is also resistant to fleas, ticks and odours.”

Bed 3: Barkley & Bella ‘doughnut style’

Brilliant for snuggling, wouldn’t trust them unsupervised but definitely a Schnauzer favourite!!  

Lots of other brands do similar designs – they’re great but don’t last terribly well in our experience.  We get twice as long out of this brand but still generally need to replace every 12 – 18 months, unlike the Kuranda which is a one-off purchase.